Capturing the staged and fleeting moments in life. Photography to me is about capturing the most beautiful side of a moment in a genuine setting.


Latest work


What I use

Canon 5D Mark IV

One of the top cameras on the market. A lot of photographers move to mirrorless but I still think the mirrored 5D Mark IV gives the nicest look and feel to the images.

Canon 6D

Additional camera for everyday quick shots. Perfect for traveling as I'm ok with this camera getting tossed around a bit. Everything for the shot right?

Canon 50mm F/1.8 STM

A great lens for buttery smooth shots with a shallow depth of field. It allows for really putting the focus on a particular subject.

Canon 24-105mm F/4

All-round a great lens to capture everything. Especially for shooting events, where every moment is a fleeting moment, you don't have time to switch lenses.

Canon Speedlight

Speedlights are amazing if you can bounce the light off different surfaces so even images of subjects in poor lighting conditions come out nice and sharp.


For long exposure, product or real estate shots, it's always best to use a tripod as it allows for lower ISO, higher aperture and therefore sharper and better-exposed shots through multi-exposure shots.

Adobe Lightroom

My go-to editing and cataloging software to quickly go through the shots, select, bulk-edit and export everything as soon as possible. Efficiency is key.

Many more

There are many more tools/programs that I've used in the past depending on the job but these are the most frequently used.